Lights out? No hot water? Cold? Oven broken? Can’t work it out? We can take care of it.

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We have a number of commercial services including interior fit-outs, emergency lighting, heating, and 24 hour call-out service.

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We have over 30 years of experience within a variety of different industries in Australia and New Zealand.

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Do You Need a Reliable Electrician in Christchurch?

Electronics and electrical power are ubiquitous around our households nowadays. We are long past the days of candles and oil lamps, and now in an age of complicated electrical systems. These electrical systems are necessary to maintain our new …read more.

Master Electrics Offers Reliable Electricians in Canterbury

The job of the electrician is one of maintenance and safety. With their deep knowledge and respect of the cornucopia of safety codes and regulations, we and our houses are kept safe from the dangers of unruly electrical appliances. On one …read more.

Master Residential Electrician in Selwyn

Electrical problems in your home can be more than a mere inconvenience. Yes, it is nice having a working water heater so you can have warm water to shower and do the dishes with; just as it is nice to have the lights come on when you flip the switch …read more.

Registered Electrical Contractors in Christchurch

When it comes to registered electrical contractors in Christchurch, you have several options available to you, but Master Electrics is the only right choice to make. We have a strict adherence to providing nothing but the best services at the …read more.

Test and Tag for Christchurch

By law, all employers in New Zealand are required to have their electrical equipment regularly inspected, and this is where Master Electrics test and tag services in Christchurch shine. We have extensive knowledge of how to check your …read more.

LED Downlight Replacement in Christchurch

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs, and installing efficient LED downlights is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal. Master Electrics offers excellent replacement services to companies in the Christchurch region. We …read more.

Master Electrics Offers a Proper Electrical Inspection Report in Christchurch

New Zealand safety regulations are often challenged and changed. The baseline for safety is always in transition, so your electrical systems for your commercial or industrial facility must always be kept to those rules. Compliance regulations …read more.

You May Need Thermal Imaging in Christchurch

Before you close a purchase on a new property, you will need to run inspections and test the durability of your electrical systems. Your insurance policy may require you to produce a diagnostic report with the use of thermal imaging to assess the …read more.

Do You Need Boiler Repairs in Christchurch?

Many homes, businesses, and industrial establishments utilise hot water boilers for heating and generation purposes. Boilers have traditionally been built with the strongest wrought-iron to withstand high-pressure. You should check boilers that have …read more.