Lights out? No hot water? Cold? Oven broken? Can’t work it out? We can take care of it.

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We have a number of commercial services including interior fit-outs, emergency lighting, heating, and 24 hour call-out service.

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We have over 30 years of experience within a variety of different industries in Australia and New Zealand.

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Do You Need Boiler Repairs in Christchurch?

Many homes, businesses, and industrial establishments utilise hot water boilers for heating and generation purposes. Boilers have traditionally been built with the strongest wrought-iron to withstand high-pressure. You should check boilers that have high demands for labour annually, but many high-tech boilers require at least two annual check-ups.

Boiler failures are expensive and can be catastrophic and explosive. Many things can go wrong when using a high-tech, high-pressure energy generation device because of all the components that go into it. Especially if you push a boiler past its limits of labour, they can crack under pressure. Proper recording, maintenance, and repair can prevent a boiler from erupting and causing a vastly expensive and even dangerous situation.

If you need boiler repairs in Christchurch or other surrounding cities, then you will need to call a company made up of highly-trained agents. Only the best electrical technicians can perform boiler maintenance that is sturdy enough to maintain your machine and keep your facility moving. When you need professional work and peace of mind, you need to call Master Electrics.

We Have Mastered Boiler Service in Christchurch

For over four years, our company of skilled tradespeople have been operating in and around Christchurch, bringing top-notch boiler maintenance to all clients. All our agents have been involved in the electrical industry for a decade and bring that masterful level of experience to each task they perform. We know that we are not the only choice for boiler maintenance in Christchurch, but we are the best for you.

No job is too big or too small for our talented crew. Our company has proven ourselves as a formidable force in the residential and industrial sectors of the electrical industry. We bring the same attention to detail and customer service to our residential operations. Our happy customers have reported positive feedback from our domestic jobs, and they have felt relaxed by our prompt and efficient performance.

We are committed to service. We believe that our best service is our boiler service. Christchurch and other surrounding areas can rest assured that Master Electrics will give their boilers the utmost care.

We Go the Extra Mile with Our Boiler Maintenance in Christchurch

The livelihood of our company depends on your satisfaction and your positive recommendations to your colleagues. Master Electrics knows that you need agents that you can count on, so when you call our company for a free consultation, you will speak to the owners of the business. We want to ensure that we handle your worries professionally and promptly.

Our mission is to get your system online and keep it running for as long as you need it. We have been the first name in boiler repairs in Christchurch for quite some time. We have even been known to help a customer find a temporary resolution for their unhealthy boiler over the phone. Our agents are trained in practical problem solving and will not waste time getting your boiler back into running shape.