Lights out? No hot water? Cold? Oven broken? Can’t work it out? We can take care of it.

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We have a number of commercial services including interior fit-outs, emergency lighting, heating, and 24 hour call-out service.

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We have over 30 years of experience within a variety of different industries in Australia and New Zealand.

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Master Electrics Offers a Proper Electrical Inspection Report in Christchurch

New Zealand safety regulations are often challenged and changed. The baseline for safety is always in transition, so your electrical systems for your commercial or industrial facility must always be kept to those rules. Compliance regulations require routine checks, including testing and tagging all your “plug-in” and portable equipment used in your workplace. Cheap or dysfunctional hardware can be a dramatic liability for your company.

Insurance companies may also demand very thorough inspections, including thermal imaging detection and electrical inspection reports. This is to prevent shoddy circuits and low-quality components from creating a financial vacuum with failure after failure. It is important to provide a bulletproof report before going forward with your investment. If you need a quality electrical inspection report in Christchurch, you can trust the wise tradesmen at Master Electrics.

Master Electrics is a company of skilled tradesmen that have been operating in Christchurch and surrounding areas for over four years. Most of our agents have been working within the electrical industry for a decade, and they bring the same level of responsibility and detail to each task they take, no matter how big or small. To get the peace of mind of a thorough electrical inspection in Christchurch carried out by trained professionals, Master Electrics is the best choice for you.

We Perform Electrical Inspections Near Christchurch No Matter the Size

We have over thirty years of combined experience working within the industrial realm. We take on the main responsibilities of getting macrosystems online and keeping them running, but that is our primary mission. We are masters of efficient problem solving, and we take pride in using accurate diagnostics and industry wisdom when carrying out full-scale electrical inspections in Christchurch.

Master Electrics also provides many services to commercial establishments that need quality jobs done. We can help you with bakery fitouts, lighting repairs, emergency repairs, and especially boiler maintenance. We will also carry out an efficient and prompt electrical inspection report in Christchurch so that your work is minimally interrupted. Again – our primary mission: keeping your system online.

Ready to Get Your Electrical Inspection in Christchurch?

In addition to working within massive industrial facilities and high-traffic commercial establishments, we bring the same level of masterful service to residential customers. We will help you with your lighting, heating, or other domestic issues. Often, we can also help you take care of your problem over the phone, but if you need an electrician at your home quickly, we are the people to have on your speed-dial. Master Electrics is proud to provide such service to those who rely on our name for electrical tasks.

If you need a proper electrical inspection in Christchurch or another surrounding suburb, Master Electrics is prepared to help you. Feel free to call us on 0800 GET POWER (438 769) to set up a free consultation and obtain a quote over the phone. You can also send an email to our Leo through the contact page on our site.