Lights out? No hot water? Cold? Oven broken? Can’t work it out? We can take care of it.

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We have a number of commercial services including interior fit-outs, emergency lighting, heating, and 24 hour call-out service.

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We have over 30 years of experience within a variety of different industries in Australia and New Zealand.

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Master Electrics Offers Reliable Electricians in Canterbury

The job of the electrician is one of maintenance and safety. With their deep knowledge and respect of the cornucopia of safety codes and regulations, we and our houses are kept safe from the dangers of unruly electrical appliances. On one occasion, an electrician may be refitting an old-school house to adhere to current residential electrical regulations in Canterbury. On another, they may be planning the wiring of a new commercial site. Whatever the case, an electrician needs to prepare for any electrical challenge that may come up.

Trust the Experience of a Master Electrics Electrician

We are Master Electrics, and we are a company of highly experienced electricians. We operate mainly from Christchurch to Canterbury but are flexible in where we can go to repair. Whether you need work in a residential, commercial and industrial environment, our electricians are up to the challenge. Although we are a small group, we make up for it in our quickness and service quality. Each of our electricians is a member of integral electrician organisations, such as the Master Electricians Association and ECANZ, the Electrical Contractors Association New Zealand. We believe our experience will speak for itself, but we know that professional status matters in any region, Canterbury or beyond.

We Are Prepared for Residential and Commercial Jobs When You Need Them Done.

Many common electrical problems come up in a residential environment. Sometimes the wiring in the house will deteriorate. Other times, you may find a backup generator may be needed for blackouts. In all cases, our electricians are prepared to handle it for you. We equip our vans to handle the most frequent household electrical problems, so it’s common for us to solve your issues immediately. All you need to do is give us a call, and we’ll send someone right over. We’re more than happy to work out a quote with you over the phone so you can feel assured that you’re getting exactly the services you need, nothing more or less. After a job, we clean up after ourselves, so that you can come back to a clean house with better working electronics. Residential problems are no problem for an Electrician in Canterbury from Master Electrics.

Commercial sites are another common work site for our group. Our previous experience includes, but is not limited to, new fitouts, lighting repairs, and preventative maintenance. We’ve helped many business owners keep up with constantly changing safety regulations and maintained continuing relationships that have helped companies thrive. When you talk with one of our electricians, you are speaking with the business owners themselves, so we understand about running a company. At a moment’s notice, something can go wrong with a key electrical system, so take solace in our on-call service to keep your business up and running. Problems may come up at any time, so we’re prepared to take action at a moment’s notice 24/7. We like to ensure the safety and health of our clients and the businesses they run.

If you’re looking for a commercial electrician in Canterbury, we hope that you’ll choose Master Electrics after weighing your options. We guarantee our quality and will do what it takes to show it.